Over 3 years of actively promoting upcoming artists within music & art  
! Be a part of the vision !

This year in special edition !

This year we are collaborating with BoxTown. 

Come and join us, and experience the upcoming talents within music, art, dance and more, and support the mission to promote new and upcoming artists, and the development of cultural experiences.

Next AaMAZE: 30 August-2. September 2018

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AaMAZE brings new & upcoming artists the opportunity to perform live & grow their fanbase
Music, Art & more
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A unique experience

Get ready to be amazed ! 

Be our guest - and get a unique experience !

AaMAZE offers a wide variety of genres within music and art, so there is a lot to discover when you attend AaMAZE Festival as a guest. 

Be open-minded & be amazed ! 
At AaMAZE you will meet new artists within music, art & more, and you will get closer than you have experienced before. So get get ready, gather your friends, family, colleages and spouse and have an amazing experience.